Ebay Australia celebrated it’s 15th birthday over the weekend and there seems to be no stopping this global giant.

With companies like Google and Apple showing a keen interest, the future for Ebay looks Rosie.

Starting off, as what has been described as a huge garage sale, with people selling old clothes, household goods, furniture etc, Ebay has evolved into a big business.

Financial Advisor David Koche of chanel 7’s Sunrise says “it’s a great step for people to start business’s because you don’t have to pay for a shop.”

Many people have become millionaires, in fact over 1600 Australians are now Millionaires thanks to Ebay.

Among them are the founders of Mills Trading in Sydney who began their business in 2006 supplying tools and machinery around Australia and the world and they now have offices in China and the Phillipines. Last year they turned over more than forty million dollars.

‘Bidding Buzz’ have created a training course called ‘Ebay Magic’ setting up thousands of people with the skills to set up their businesses.

In a Bidding Buzz Review left by Steve and Tracey, they recommend this course as the best thing they’ve ever done.

After just a matter of months of doing the course, Steve and Tracey were pulling in over $14,500 per month.

“It’s so easy”, they said, “Just do it, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done”.

“Don’t make it harder than it is, just follow the steps, do what your told, just do it, it’s so easy”.

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