Amazing Breakthrough As Young Couple Find Financial Freedom Thanks To An Ebay Training Program Developed By Australian Based Company ‘Bidding Buzz’….


Matt and Amanda Clarkson, founders of Bidding Buzz have developed a proven and effective training program called ‘Ebay Magic’.


In what’s becoming a powerful tool in the struggle against the GFC, ‘Ebay Magic’ has notched up many success stories over the last few years.


With great reviews and many happy customers, the program has taken the world by storm, changing lives for the better along the way, and thanks to stories like that of Joel and Maria, it is still going strong.


This young Queensland couple are just one of many that have left glowing Bidding Buzz Reviews, after investing in Matt & Amanda Clarkson’s ‘Ebay Magic’ course.


After just 18 months from beginning the program, Joel and Maria built up two successful Ebay businesses:


The first, a drop shipping business in America selling products that are sold, packed and even delivered without them even having to lift a finger.


The second, their very own importing business based right here in Australia.


In just a matter of months their importing business is doing $10,000 a month in sales and Joel says their American drop shipping business was pulling in about the same.


The happy couple couldn’t believe how quickly success came, along with a newfound lifestyle of financial freedom.


As a direct result of doing Matt and Amanda Clarkson’s ‘Ebay Magic’ training and the resulting income boost it provided, Joel and Maria were able to move to Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and are thoroughly enjoying their new life.


“We’re on our way to financial freedom and if it wasn’t for the program we did, we wouldn’t have had confidence to start. So thanks Matt and Amanda”.

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