Local businessman, Justin May, is about to hit his first million-dollar year, and his business still continues to grow!


By attending the Bidding Buzz workshops, ‘Ebay Magic’, and developing new online skills, Justin has found a new, fast growing, source of income.


The masses of information, in the form of manuals, dvd’s, cd’s and notes, provided by these Ebay training courses make an impressive library. Nowhere else do you get such a detailed and thorough training.

After a review of Bidding Buzz and investing in the eBay Magic training, run by Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Justin discovered a whole new world of possibilities for his business.


“I did Matt and Amanda’s Ebay training course about 3 years ago and our business is now pulling in $75k a month from Ebay.”


After seeing the potential Ebay had to offer his business, Justin worked hard, with the help of Matt and Amanda, to establish a dynamic online presence and build his business up to such an extent, he has now become a highly successful, prominent seller on Ebay.


So starting with virtually no knowledge, or very little, of online sales and marketing. Justin has developed a thriving business on Ebay and is headed for his first million dollar turnover, after just 3 short years.


In fact, business is going so well, Justin has decided to expand operations and take it worldwide.


A beaming Justin said, “We would like to thank Matt & Amanda for helping us get this far in our ebay careers”.

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