The online shopping revolution down under, is performing beyond expectations and dissolving barriers to cross border trading in one fell swoop.

Millions of Australians have joined the Ebay community and millions have been made by those Australians.

It’s reports like this that led Glen, who has been working as a carpenter for a number of years, to look into this booming industry. He was looking for a way to earn some additional income to help pay the bills.

His due diligence led him to a training course called ‘Ebay Magic’, developed by Bidding Buzz, a company owned and run by talented duo, Matt and Amanda Clarkson.

Six weeks after starting the course, he had set up his own Ebay business and made $12,500 in sales. Now pulling in a comfortable $700 a week, Glen has his mortgage payments nicely covered.

“We’re so grateful to Matt and Amanda for literally changing our lives. We’re really happy,” said Glen.

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