If you work a nine to five job, you will know how hard it is to find the time or the money to take that long earned break and head overseas with the family.

Either the boss needs you here, or your money is whittled away on petrol or public transport expenses or you need that new suit for work. There always seems to be something keeping you from that overseas holiday.

Geoff and Jenny found the solution to this problem by quitting their jobs and developing their own business on Ebay. With the help of Matt and Amanda Clarkson of Bidding Buzz, Geoff & Jenny found their training course ‘Ebay Magic’ was just what they needed to get their business off the ground and pulling in the money.

Just 12 months after starting the course, Geoff & Jenny had built their business up so successfully they were showing a turnover of $25 to $30,000 a month.

Now they work from home doing something they love and not only that, they can now take family overseas and have plenty of spending money to spare.

One of their strategies to build a bigger and better business, is to import products that have a higher margin for profit. With the help of the skills they learned in the ‘Ebay Magic’ course, Geoff and Jenny now live the life they always wanted.

In a Bidding Buzz Review, both Jenny and Geoff speak of how happy they are with their newfound lifestyle.

“We’ve virtually got a fun thing we do, like we wake up every morning, get in there and check how much money were getting in our bank. We’ve got time to spend with our family, got time to go overseas with the family and spend more money on things that we want to spend money on……… different lifestyle!”

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