“Watch This Space!…..”, says Adam from Perth after attending his second workshop for Matt and Amanda Clarkson’s Ebay Magic.

Thousands of people attend these workshops every year, travelling from interstate and sometimes overseas, learning how to create, develop and launch their own businesses online.

Retirees looking to supplement their pensions, people looking to create a second income stream or others wanting to build a business so they can leave their salaried jobs, it doesn’t matter what the reason, Bidding Buzz is helping all kinds of people attain their dream.

When Adam completed his first Ebay Magic workshop he had already earned 33 positive feedbacks from selling on Ebay. When he had finished his 2nd workshop, Adam had managed to increase his positive feedback to 427 and built a good solid platform on which to launch his new Ebay store.

By applying everything he learned from his first Ebay Magic workshop, Adam managed to sell everything he could lay his hands on around the house, anything that wasn’t nailed down. From mens & womens clothing, kitchen appliances, DVD’s books and any household goods that he didn’t need, and he did all this while he was developing his skills and doing his due diligence on Terapeak (a valuable research tool he learned about on the course)

According to Adam, one of the most advantageous aspects to the Ebay Magic course is the ongoing mentoring, leadership and guidance you receive from Matt and Amanda.

“If there’s anybody out there who is ‘umming and arring’ about it” says Adam, “just get into it because you literally start making money from day one when you apply everything in the manual. ……..These are very, very exciting times, so watch this space, I’ll be coming back bigger and better and thank you guys once again.”

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