Extraordinary success story hits the news as young New Zealand business owner, Krisztian, reveals his multi million-dollar business after just 4 years of operation.

In a glowing Bidding Buzz review, Krisztian happily attributed all his success to Ebay experts Matt and Amanda Clarkson and their training course ‘Ebay Magic’.

After doing his due diligence, Krisztian found one product to base his new Ebay business on and with the ongoing mentorship and guidance from Matt and Amanda, managed to build a multi million dollar in just 4 years.

In it’s fourth year, Krisztian’s business has reached an amazing turnover of more than $4 million for the year, and discoved he is now officially, the largest online retailer on Ebay for that particular product in Australia.

Along with the invaluable lessons on the ins and outs of Ebay, how to set up an online business of your own and the ongoing support, Krisztian says the incredible business skills he learned from doing the ‘Ebay Magic’ course was the basis of his amazing success and has enabled him to grow his business with confidence.

With his new found confidence and because their business is going so well in Australia, Krisztian and his wife have decided that they are going to expand their business overseas.

‘We are achieving our goals and the lifestyle we always wanted……I am incredibly grateful to Matt and Amanda’

‘I highly recommend Matt and Amanda’s Ebay Magic course, it’s completely changed my life!’

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