After a review of Bidding Buzz and joining the eBay Magic training this young couple have transformed their lives!

Dissatisfied with their lifestyle, working long hours with little to show for their hard work, David and Theresa set up their first online ebay business and started working from their garage.

David and Theresa were excited to get started. It all made so much sense and thanks to Bidding Buzz we are now living a life we never thought possible.”

They vibrant couple had heard about Matt and Amanda’s ‘Ebay Magic’ through some friends and decided to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about.

Just as most smart business people do, the couple thought it was wise to do some research on Bidding Buzz and eBay. As expected with most things out there, they came across some good Bidding Buzz reviews and some bad Bidding Buzz scam reviews, but it didn’t take much to weed out the nonsense.

“With the help of Matt and Amanda we got the business up to speed very quickly”

“We got to learn exactly what we needed to do….build the business, sourcing suppliers, finding the right contacts, communicating with them….all of the stuff you need to know that usually takes years to understand.”

Within the first 12 months David Theresa were dominating their market niche with a turnover of $150k, overtaking our nearest competitor who had taken 10 years to get to the same position.

“After 2 years we were making $350k and David decided to give up his full time job!”

At 3 years their business had jumped to $800k! Essentially doubling each year.

The happy couple couldn’t believe how easy it was.

They weren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and putting in the hard work as to make this happen.

However it all paid off, with David and Theresa becoming the number one seller in their category on eBay within the first 12 month.

Following the ‘Ebay Magic’ training, they found their business turnover was doubling each and every year. Within 5 years of Matt and Amanda’s Bidding Buzz eBay Magic program, David and Theresa’s online business had a turnover of $1.5 million.

“The great thing about all this, is you can automate your business & spend more time with your families”.

“….If we can do it, you can do it as well!”

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